Approved By Amazon, SEO, and more! – Affiliate Marketing Website Update #5

In this latest update on I share with you my latest earnings and traffic as well as taking you through all the work I’ve been doing on the site, including SEO, Mobile Optimisation adding a site logo and much more.

Watch all of my affiliate marketing videos here:

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  1. Hi Alex,
    I had the tables not responding to mobiles issue. I found “pricing tables by supsystic” to be a decent free plug in, and most importantly, it’s mobile responsive.

  2. Quick Question. I wasn’t able to find a “.com” for my website. Should I go with the “.net” option or look for another “.com” option. The “.com” option is not being used and is for sale for like 2k.

    1. My suggestion: stick with “.com”! “.net” (and most other TLD’s) give a feeling of being second-rate, and “.net” specifically makes me think of the ’90’s. I’ve always spent WAY too much time worrying about the name of a website, but almost always end up going with my initial idea. Keep it short and simple, and although it should make some sense, there are plenty of huge website names (like that are actually pretty random. And the domain doesn’t even have to be easy to spell, since it’s going to be clicked on, and very rarely typed in.

  3. You could add an animation to the finger icon to show it actually swiping left/right I would think. This might make it stand out more too…?

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