Benefits of SEO (Hindi)

Benefits of SEO (Hindi)

Hrishikesh interviews Rohit Vedantwar, the owner of Supramind Solutions and says that we would like to know what are the benefits of SEO. He adds that we would also like to know how to avail of it.

Rohit Vedantwar shares his views regarding SEO. He says SEO is one of the best sources of low-cost traffic. While the cost of SEO is low, the quality of traffic is not reduced. You get very high-quality relevant traffic which is intent based. Higher conversion rates, more relevancy, cost of traffic is low,

SEO can be used for branding. A lot of people are using Google for everything. When you start ranking higher, you drive a lot more traffic generating leads. It is good for B2B and B2C businesses. You don’t have to pay Google anything directly. The activities are performed on your website for your business. A low-cost source of high-quality traffic.

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