Buying Subscribers for PewDiePie Agent Of Doubt EXPOSED series RELATED CHANNELS tutorial video

IN THIS VIDEO i TEACH YOU ONE WAY TO GET RELATED TO CHANNELS AND MAKING A CHANNEL CLUSTER. BUYING SUBSCRIBERS FOR PEWDIEPIE FROM THE SAME PLACE AT THE SAME TIME THAT I BUY THEM FOR MYSELF MEANS THAT WE BOTH END UP GETTING THE SAME ONES AND THIS IS CALLED SUBSCRIBER CROSSOVER. Also, i respond with a video response to agent of doubts accusations about me keyword stuffing pewds name into my tag section on videos that are unrelated to pewdiepie. seo tutorial video how to get related channels power cluster channelcluster derral eves @derraleves @pewdiepiew, pew news, prewdie, dramaalert @dramaalert #dramaalert keemstar, keem, these are all youtubers that my channel relates too lkike roberto blake @robertoblake create awesome community google scam felix and preston hudman aka presticlaus presticlaus @agentofdoubt fame crazy videos trolling Agent Of Doubt EXPOSED Buying Subscribers for PewDiePie series RELATED CHANNELS tutorial

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