Does Page Speed Affect SEO?

Page speed is a factor in customer conversions, and at least one aspect of page speed is thought to be a factor in search rankings. Google wants your website to load at least as fast as your competitors websites. Your customers expect your website to load in about three seconds.

One aspect of page speed that few businesses know about is called Time to First Byte, or TTFB. This is how long it takes for the files that make up your web page to start downloading from the server once you type in a web address in your browser.

Here’s the thing, Time to First Byte is almost entirely influenced by the configuration of your hosting servers. Meaning, that $10 a month hosting you have is doing you more harm than good.

For WordPress sites, two hosts we recommend are Kinsta and WP Engine. These both have good Time to First Bytes, especially compared to most shared hosting.

If you look at the top page of search results, many are enterprise level companies that have invested into fast hosting.

To be clear, if all you do is get better hosting, that will not make up for a lack of good site content or a weak back link profile. You still need to build your brand through good content on your site, and building links. In other words, acting like a big brand. If you’ve already optimized everything else on your site, it’s time to look at improving site speed.

Remember, SEO is about many mall actions that add up incrementally into larger gains.



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