Engineer Quits His Job and Becomes an SEO Expert & Million Dollar Amazon Affiliate

Silicon Valley software engineer reads Tim Farris’s 4 Hour Work Week after freaking out about his life on the hamster wheel and it changed everything in his life. On this episode of the Digital Journey Podcast, Matt Diggity tells his story how he started with zero knowledge about website SEO and became a multi-million dollar Amazon affiliate website owner. Learn how he struggled to become a location independent entrepreneur “digital nomad” in Chaing Mai, Thailand that has sold several of his Amazon Affiliate sites for more than 6 figures. Matt has become such a well-respected SEO expert that he and his other SEO friend are hosting their first SEO conference in NOV of 2017 in Chiang Mai where he and the world’s best SEO experts share their inside SEO secrets. Tickets here:

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  1. Holy shit the Interviewer enjoys hearing himself speak, talks way too much. If I wasn’t already aware of Diggity and interested in his back story, there’s no chance I would have stuck around.

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