eRank, Etsy SEO tool – Grades?

This is my 5th video in the deep dive of eRank the new name for EtsyRank my no 1 tool for etsy seo in 2018, 2019 and for all future changes in the etsy algorithm
And today we are looking at the grades area of etsy rank. How eRank analyses your listings and decides how good a listing is
check out this video to see my view on why a listing with a grade A might not be ranking

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  1. The images remain at an “E” rating on a couple of my custom made items. So then, I have to either create new pieces to photograph or insert anything related that won’t look out of place.

    This having been said, here’s what I am now doing to fill some space. I create text related to a technique, idea or sample. Then I will combine text with an image. Timing and consistency is a challenge. I do what I can and see how and if the grades show improvement.

    Ironically, some of those 3 image listings are good sellers. Yeah, “writing for computers, not humans” caught my attention. Always a challenge, for sure. But like you say, “If it’s working, then leave it alone.”

    If you want the word recognized, just click the “ignore” button and it will correct it to make the word acceptable. That finally changed my “E” to an “A”.

    Luv those “Splat” bookmarks❣️Was a good idea. One never really knows what will work. The neat thing is that sometimes people come across a unique item by accident.

    I began adding more attributes. Am thinking that has helped.

    I tend to leave a couple of holiday specific terms but it depends. That is because I want that uncommon item to be searched as an idea for that particular season. Like, “Thanksgiving pumpkin” which is different than one of my “Halloween pumpkins”.

    I also have to optimize my beginning “Description” paragraph to include major key words or phrases. But they have to flow and lead into the rest of my information.

    Thanks for the recap.

    1. Looks like you are really thinking there 😀
      I dont stress too much about not enough images – as you make more items then you can add them in – you could also take photos of you crafting, some of your WIP’s
      Grats on the A though, it still feels nice to get A’s
      I do have to get adding more attributes – in January hopefully, or Feb, or sometime soon 😀 (I have 20 orders already for Christmas so no time to think just now)
      Interesting idea on keeping different holiday things, thanks for that 🙂

    1. +Pam Duthie Yes! I love Etsy Rank! I am trying to learn. I have problems knowing how low search ranges is OK for long keywords.💓

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