How to add an SEO friendly page-Quick tips in WordPress

How to add an SEO friendly page-Quick tips in WordPress tutorial for beginners. For more updates, follow us on:


In this tutorial we emphasized on how to add a page to our WordPress website. In doing so, we have to keep in mind two major things; the first one is – how to add the page to our WordPress site and the second one is, to make that page accessible via the main or landing page of the site that we have created. Hence, we have to take care on both creating the page first and then we need to create the menu bar to display the link to the page created. We will understand how to add the page in this tutorial with proper and limited SEO optimization to the page, in the next tutorial we will concentrate into the matter how to
enable or disable the comment segment for that page and in the last case we will understand how to create our menus in WordPress website. Let’s understand it in a simplified way!!

Another important issue, SEO optimization in its full course as discussed in the tutorial How to create an SEO optimized post is limited to the posts only; they don’t seem to work in full with the pages created in WordPress. If you need to set the category and the tags for your post then you will be needing some external
plugin to make that thing happen. Other than that, all the points those were discussed in the earlier tutorials on how to make your post SEO optimized, are applicable to this case too. All the points remaining are discussed in the tutorial in gist format that will surely help you on many occasions. Don’t forget to comment us
with the points those you think should be added to later tutorials.

Hope this will aid you in tuning up your own WordPress project. Enjoy Learning!!

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