How to Build a Complete SEO Dashboard – Keywords Included

Have you ever tried creating an SEO dashboard using Google Analytics?

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Dashboards are a great way to view and share your most essential analytics data, quickly.

But if you’ve attempted to use Google Analytics to build a dashboard, you’ve probably noticed their SEO data is lacking!

There’s a gaping hole in Google Analytics SEO reporting, due to keywords being “(not provided).” About five years ago Google Analytics took away our organic keyword data, and to date, they haven’t given it back.

In this post, we’re going to get our keyword data back. And we are going to learn how to build a complete SEO dashboard.

Going beyond Google Analytics to build a complete SEO dashboard
We are not going to settle for the status quo in Google Analytics. Instead, we’ll combine our analytics data with our Google Search Console data. Then with the help of a hero, we’ll go inside Google Data Studio. And we’ll use the Data Studio templates to craft the foundation of a complete SEO dashboard.

No more digging through Google Analytics and piecing together incomplete SEO reports. Our dashboard will allow you to quickly access your SEO data, complete with keywords, anytime you need.

SEO Dashboards in Google Analytics

Back to the future

Recently, we published a post about SEO dashboards in Google Analytics. We were trying to help one of Analytics Course students, Zoe, build a better SEO report.

Analytics Course Student question
Google analytics SEO dashboard questions

In our efforts to help Zoe, we worked through the SEO reporting options in Google Analytics.

And we solved the problem. Kinda sorta.

The real outcome was we concluded that we could build a better SEO dashboard in Google Data Studio. And with the help of third party tool, we might even be able to get our keywords back. If you want to watch part one of our SEO Dashboard tutorial, you can check out the video below.

The quest for a better SEO dashboard
Following our previous tutorial, we asked you, the readers, if you wanted us to go a step further and complete the quest for a better SEO report. You answered with a resounding “Yes!!!”

Yes! to Seo dashboards in Google Data Studio

Where we’ve been and where we are heading
Before we crack open Google Data Studio, we need to take a step back in time. We need to visit the SEO related reports inside of Google Analytics. And we need to take a look at what’s broken, so we know why and how we’re going to fix it.

Even though we’re going to fix our SEO problems in Google Data Studio, we’ll still be using Google Analytics. Our Data Studio dashboard will pull data from our Google Analytics account. So we need to know which analytics metrics and dimension will work best in our report.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s going on with SEO reporting inside Google Analytics.

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  1. Hey Jeffalytics,

    If no goals are set up, the three engagement metrics will do nicely as a proxy for goals, no?

    1. Hi Greg – That’s what I ended up putting in the template, for lack of anything better. But I don’t think it’s even close to a proxy for goals… it’s only a metric that is worthwhile when there is a void of other metrics available.

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