How to Optimize Images for SEO – Beyond Basics

How to Optimize Images for SEO shows advanced Image Optimization methods by using Photoshop explains how to optimize images for SEO

Firstly, Google is an image search engine which understands EXIF information attached to images found on the internet as explained here:

You can then optimize images using Adobe Photoshop and insert Image Metadata including IPTC photo metadata standards. To learn more visit:

You can also learn to name your images much better using these techniques

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    1. Thank You for the reply. I would love to see advanced YouTube video seo
      techniques and strategies.

      Keep up! Good job 🙂

    2. +Seweryn Pietrucha thank you kindly Seweryn, the best thing that you can *for
      our YouTube channel* is spread the word about #RankYa #SEO on YouTube. Also
      keep in mind that all RankYa subscribers input for particular video
      creation idea is always considered for next to do videos. So what type of
      video would you like to see on RankYa YouTube channel? Search Engine
      Optimization? Social Media Marketing? #WordPress Google Analytics Website
      Development Conversion Optimization Techniques? How to ?? let me know please

    1. +Tomer Afek Thank’s Tomer, I decided to upload these premium videos to
      #RankYa channel and abandoned the paid videos, more videos coming.

    1. +Bruce Cheaney thank you Bruce, for your website, simply create a template
      (and have all the details that would be the same for all your images) but
      leave the title, description, keywords, date published empty. Because then,
      you can export that template and use it on all your images (this will
      greatly speed up the process).

  1. hey ranky i have a question… how much traffic we get from social media
    without ads? is social media help to increase website alexa rank?

    1. +RankYa thanks thanks thanks alot you give me your lots of time to write
      this this is meri usefful for me.. and my problem hi solve thanks again.

    2. +RankYa hello Mehul, (I deleted the other comment as #RankYa channel
      doesn’t really allow external URL’s from comments. No disrespect there at
      all) and I do understand that often times the client may not fully
      understand what’s really important for their website’s success. I can see
      that you are getting likes in the competitive industry (fashion retail).

      Since your client is investing heavily online, then, encourage them to
      conduct GiveAway Campaigns through FB and also encourage them to outlink to
      Sun Glass (Fashion Related) perhaps even a Celebrity wearing a Sunny (and
      WordSmith ithe CTA’s). Because currently, it seem that your client is
      trying too hard to sell and
      also, perhaps PHotoshop some new images with cute puppies wearing glasses
      (and test CTA) just looks “Cute” etc. cute animal images work great on FB
      and can be incorporated to any niche including your clients)

      So, you just have convince your client that Alexa Ranking doesn’t mean
      much, (In fact, it doesn’t mean anything in 2016)

      But Google rankings does: so if their #Google rankings are dropping, then
      that’s something else (there has been reports of algo update lately).
      However, you should do their *Search Engine Optimization* because all
      RankYa optimizatio methods are within Google guidelines. Also Website
      Conversion Rate Optimization needs to be worked at, here’s a useful URL:

      because I think they are looking at the wrong data for their ranking drops.
      So you have to encourage them to re-think their online marketing strategy
      (particularly SEO) as that also affects their CPC for #Adwords I hope this

    3. +Mehul Singh Hi Mehul, social media is just a part of the overall marketing
      strategy, and I strongly encourage you to stop looking at Alexa rank
      (unless of course there is a particular good reason for it). Your main aim
      should be to increase ranking of your own web pages, and analyze the
      ranking from Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics (that is more
      important than Alexa ranking which really doesn’t mean much in terms of the
      overall success of a website). Why are you analyzing Alexa?

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