Is SEO Dying? – Why My Youtube Channel Isn’t Getting Views

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Original Question: “Could your lack of traffic to your youtube channel be slight because of the algorithm change but mainly because people are getting out of SEO and it is just not as “cool” as it used to be.
Not only that but your titles/videos just do not seem appealing anymore lol I mean your last couple I have not watched just because I did not like title and thumbnail, and I do not want to waste 20-60 minutes on a video I do not know what it is about lol”


  1. A video all for me.!?!?! ^_^ thanks! Lets keep the ball rolling with another question…

    Do you think if you did a 30 day challenge. Vlog for 30 days about seo (1 tip a day for 30) vs 30 days of facebook Ads training
    I think the facebook one would win over all in traffic. BUT a year ago when i first started watching you and learning SEO i think seo would have won because the “hype” was there. But since all of the “seo marketing gurus” are out there pumping out paid traffic ads the hype is going over to facebook

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