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Welcome to Exposure Ninja’s Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 59

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The world of conversions and website optimisation may seem like a purely technical field, with little scope to let your imagination flow. That’s what many digital marketing companies may suggest, too, with a heavy focus on statistics and data-driven decisions.

But as you’ll know by now, the Exposure Ninja team are not your average digital marketers and SEO gurus. As well as tried and tested ideas and strategies, we like to throw a little outside-the-box thinking into the melting pot.

The art of storytelling may be considered a bit of a “fluffy” subject, but if you embrace it and know how do it right, a well-told story can be the launching pad for website views and conversions. It can even work for just a single page, like those all-important landing pages.

In this podcast episode, we chat to Chelsea Scholz of Unbounce about getting those creative juices flowing to enhance your technical knowledge of digital marketing. Chelsea takes us through the process of designing and using a story successfully across your website and marketing.

Every successful brand has an identity, often shaped by their creative decisions; from the colours in their logo, to the style of their video ads, to their choice of language for their website. Whilst data and quantitative info helps maintain their position, it’s these emotive qualities that really draw people in and creates a loyal, high-converting audience. Listen to our chat with the awesome Chelsea Scholz to find out how your landing pages, website and entire digital marketing strategy can use storytelling to take your brand to the next level.

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