Offsite SEO – LINK BUILDING to Your Affiliate Site with Guest Posts

A question that comes up all the time is how to build links to your affiliate marketing website using guest posts. In this video I take you through 2 different approaches to this form of offsite SEO.

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  1. Alex i have a question i have an affiliate amazon online toy store My question is.. someone emailed me that my price in my website jump high when they checkout at amazon. Like the product price in my website is $62 in total and when they checkout to amazon it is $162. What happened? And How can we avoid this? I can send you the screenshot.

  2. @WP Eagle finally I’m starting to understand it Alex. I’ve been following Doug for some time now but I could never quite understood how is it done the guest posting. So you will basically need 2 articles, 1 on your site and one for the guest post.

    Can you have affiliate links into the guest post article? Or it HAS to be an informational article related to the article that you have on your site?

    See you at the live session:)

    1. Hi Adrian – glad the penny has dropped. You’re not going to want to include affiliate links in your guest post. You could of course suggest that the site that’s going to be publishing your article adds some of there affiliate links if they like. You only want a link to your site, that’s all.. See you on the stream 🙂

  3. I am getting 50 to 100 Organic just because of this seller on, he made 20 High authority backlinks in 300$
    and now i am getting daily 2,3 sales 😉 Thanks alex.

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