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Search Engine Optimisation For Websites: 20 essential things you need to optimize your website

Today I will look at some basic concepts you need to know for search engine optimisation, something that everyone in your business should be aware of, or preferably have some good understanding of.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Simple: SEO covers all methods you can use to improve the visibility of your website and the content on search engine results pages, or “SERPs”.

These range from technical things you can do inside your website (on-page SEO) to all the stuff you can do outside your website (off-page SEO) things like link-building and social media marketing etc…

In this blog, when I mention visibility, I mean where on SERP your website will appear for search phrases in ‘organic’ search results. So, by organic, I mean those that appear search result without ad spend.

Search Engine Optimisation For Website
Search Engine Optimisation For Website
Paying to show up in search results is also effective but not what we are dealing with here.

Why might you want Search Engine Optimisation?

If you have good site architecture and clear navigation, this will help the search engines know how to index your site. Perhaps more importantly, it will also give visitors to your site a more enjoyable experience while using your site and make them want to return. The mighty Google also values user experience more and more.

If you ever get to see your traffic stats, you will see that a large portion of it will come from organic search and I suppose that in itself is reason enough to want to improve your SEO.

In 2015, some data analysis was completed that found that 90% of organic traffic comes from Google originally . This points towards strong SEO on Google being your number 1 priority. Is this conclusion correct.

Accorgding to some prominent studies, the top 5 results usually get upwards of 60% of clicks where the next 5 only get ~3%

Search Engine Optimisation For Website
Search Engine Optimisation For Website
So how’s that for pointing out the cost of not having SEO – you need to be in the top 5.

There are a good few tips here and we’ve split them into two main sections. These will get you rolling up the ranks into the elusive top 5.

First section is about what the search engines want to see?

Click the link above to see my top 20 tips for Search Engine Optimisation For Websites

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