Seo Factors That Really Matters Part 1 OF 3

Seo Factors That Really Matters Part 1 OF 3
Seo Factors That Really Matters – Part 1 OF 3

Why Technical Factors Matter in SEO
1 Existence of Meta Description
2 Existence of H tags
3 H tags in User Experience + Brand Factor
4 Domain SEO Visibility
5 Keyword in Domain Name
7 Search Volume of Domain Name
8 Ratio of HomePages
9 Domain is .COM
10 Flash Content
11 URL Length
12 File Size
13 Site or Page Speed

In this lecture, let’s see why technical ranking
matters in a SEO?
Technical factors is just like an entry ticket,
when you enter inside a theme park.
In technical factors, we talk only about the
on page optimisation of your website and not
about the content.
There is a separate section for content.
Technical factors are not so crucial factors
to get higher rankings in search engine results.
But they are very essential to enter into
the search engine results.
You could have heard everywhere that content
is king.
I do accept.
But without these Technical factors, just
having good content will not take you to better
search engine rankings.
Keywords are getting their importance declined
day by day.
I will explain this through a simple example.
Some 8 to 9 years back, SEO experts used to
stuff keywords for every other alternate line
in the post or in the content.
But, after some 2 to 3 years, they reduced
the number of times of keyword appearance
in their post for every 50 words.
In last 2 to 3 years, the keyword appearance
has got reduced to every 100th word.
But, do you know one thing?
Now the best SEO content is the one which
doesn’t have the keyword in the body of the
Do you wonder how it can happen?
Because recently, there is a higher rate of
emergence of proof terms, relevant terms etc.
Don’t confuse yourself with, what is the proof
term, what is the relevant term, Oh what is
We will see everything in detail in the upcoming
sections and upcoming lectures.
Just learn one thing that, what is SEO a year
or 2 years back is a negative SEO now.
A negative SEO is something, which if you
do in your blog, then it will reduce your
search engine rankings rather than improving
the condition.
Let’s move on to the next important point
i.e. readability improvement.
Over the keyword reasearch of 2013,2014, 2015
and 2016 search engines are giving more importance
to readability.
Readability is nothing but, Can a 6th grade
or a 9th grade student, be able to read your
post or is it readable only by a postgraduate
or a graduate student?
So if your readability score is more, then
it means that a 6th or 8th grade student can
read and understand your content.
Next comes, H tags and description.
Search engines expect the existence of heading
inside your content.
For example: Instead of just increasing the
text size for headings or making them bold,

you should assign H1, H2 and H3 tags for headings,
subheadings and minor headings respectively.

Also, they expect you to give a separate meta
description in WordPress excerpts.
Next comes, domain and URL authority.
A domain with higher SEO visibility is 100
times better than a normal website with 100
keyword optimised articles or posts.
Nowadays people are writing longer and longer
For example: Post that are running above 2000-3000
Also people tend to add more multimedia content
for example: videos, images and several animation
effects inside the post, which causes slower
Earlier, Google tends to boost search engine
rankings for websites which loads faster.
But, that’s not the case now.
If your website loads slower, then your search
engine ranking will move lot many places back

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