SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads ஐ நீங்களே செய்யலாமா? இல்லை அடுத்தவரிடம் கொடுக்கலாமா?

#SEO #GoogleAds, #FacebookAds ஐ நீங்களே செய்யலாமா? இல்லை அடுத்தவரிடம் கொடுக்கலாமா?

if you own a business and looking forward to growing your business using SEO Google advertisement and Facebook advertisement then this video is a must watch video for you.

Search Engine Optimisation plays a vital role in growing the visibility of a business in any digital platform however the complete the Search Engine Optimisation process is time-consuming process and needs a continuous and ongoing repetition of the same task and hence performing SEO by a business owner by himself is not a great choice your decision always it is smart idea to outsource the SEO activities especially the page SEO activities to someone who can do it on a dedicated basis if you are looking forward to sharing few activities to SEO agency then you need to be very very careful because the SEO Agencies knows how to prepare dummy data so that they can show it to the clients and make sure they depend on the project without even giving you better results I strongly suggest you take up a freelancer who can do some if you eat after activity for you.

even the freelancer can give you a little amount of work so we can compensate in with the decent amount of money rather than spending money on SEO agency a freelancer will do a white hat techniques always where they may not interfering any Black hat techniques being used.

when it comes to Rani Google advertisement or Facebook ads I strongly suggest you run these campaigns and manage them personally by you because any issuing agency or a freelancer might take the money from you and they may not load the cash to the appropriate product or service at the right time and hence your products business output may be affected moreover the concept of advertisement in Google and Facebook or very easy to understand and they find it little bit difficult until you run your first campaign successfully later once your campaign goes live you can monitor and fine tune the performance and have a great impact on the reserves all you have to do is just manage the product and the visibility of your advertisement and reload the payment process whenever it is required by following the best practices it make sure that you do not spend your money in those places where its non productive for your business if at all if you lose a small amount of money you can convince yourself that it is because you did it if you lose a huge amount of money by giving it to someone else due to the money circulation scheme and processes you may in the spelling huge money and have a guilt feeling of not growing your business.

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