SEO Optimization Part 3: Simple Strategies For On-Page SEO

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So we got all the technical SEO out the way in the last post.Which if you haven’t read, I suggest you do so before reading this. In part 3 we’re going to be focusing on on-page SEO strategies to enhance your user experience. This is solely based around offering highly relevant and authentic content to the user. Content that is perceived as ‘high-value’ to both the user and search engine.This doesn’t mean stamping keywords in every white space you see to try and push your ranking up. (You’ve probably heard that keyword stuff more than other thing in SEO).It’s focusing on delivering quality a all-round SEO performance, which is what I’ll be walking you through in this post. I’ll show you actionable tips you can follow and apply to your own site help boost your SEO score. But before move on, bookmark this page because you’ll more likely than not need to refer back to this post when taking action on these steps. . . . . . . . . . .

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