Shopify SEO Tutorial For FREE Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store

Shopify SEO Tutorial For FREE Traffic To Your Dropshipping Store | In today’s video we go into how to use SEO for your Shopify Store and how it can help you get more sales without having to advertise. Using SEO, or search engine optimization for shopify you can achieve greater results for little effort.

Ricky Hayes
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Get Search Engine Optimized

Search engine optimization (SEO) is considered by some as the holy grail of Internet marketing. If you’re lucky and your website appears for all sorts of searches in Google (and other search engines), then you are the blessed receiver of free Internet traffic, which hopefully will bless you with a great deal of sales.

People who come to your online store because of a search query generally want to see what you have to offer. You didn’t interrupt their day to get in front of them, they sought you out. That’s a huge difference in the kind of traffic you can get, and because of the gravitational nature of search traffic, it generally converts into business better.

That’s why so many businesses obsess over search engine optimization. It provides a really good return on investment and it has a lasting effect. A pay-per-click advertising will only last as long as you can afford to have the ad up, whereas your search results listing will generally stay up as long as your website is operational.

What is SEO?

How Does Google Determine Who Shows Up First?
The ability for your online store to appear high in Google’s results depends on many factors. A study by Search Metrics ranked various factors that contribute to Google’s ranking algorithm:

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