The 27 Most Important Lessons We’ve Learned About SEO

SEO is always changing and as we’ve been studying it through the years, we’ve learned some important lessons. In this video we’ve rounded up the top 27 hacks and lessons about SEO to get you off to the races. These are the best tips on SEO you’ll find from across our channel.
After watching the tips on this video, hopefully you’ll know how to do SEO yourself and how to rank in Google no matter what stage your business is in.

Check out the full lessons on SEO techniques used to create this list
Lesson 27 – The One Thing You Have to Do Before You Start Doing SEO –
Lesson 26 –
Lesson 25 –
Lesson 24 –
Lesson 23 –
Lesson 22 –
Lesson 21 –
Lesson 20 –
Lesson 19 – How Long Does It Take For SEO to Work –
Lesson 18 – Tools to Create SEO-Friendly Content Step-by-Step –
Lesson 17 –
Lesson 16 –
Lesson 15 – Our Favorite SEO Strategy That You Aren’t Leveraging! –
Lesson 14 –
Lesson 13 – How to Hire Full Time SEOs That Don’t Suck –
Lesson 12 – 4 Ways to Speed Up Your Keyword Research (SEO Techniques 2018) –
Lesson 11 –
Lesson 10 –
Lesson 9 –
Lesson 8 – How to Get Backlinks Fast Using Photos, Videos, and Infographics –
Lesson 7 –
Lesson 6 –
Lesson 5 –
Lesson 4 – Amazon Hacks to Massively Grow Your SEO –
Lesson 3 –
Lesson 2 – The Top 6 Ways to Rank #1 on Google in 2019 –
Lesson 1 –

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  1. Hi Eric… Great video clips on SEO. I am planning to build website about website seo. My main service is website development and SEO optimation.

    One question: which is better? Create several contents such as how to do keyword research, how to do on page seo, how to do off page seo … etc – all articles build stand alone pages. Or just create one complete SEO guideline – combine all articles in one single page?

    I plan to write in Indonesian my local language.

    What is your best suggestion in terms of Google SEO and also human perspective?


    1. Hi Clement, very good question, thanks for tuning in!
      When you’re first starting out it might be better to create many of the smaller articles and once they start to perform in Google – the secret is to go back and upgrade those pieces. You can also then create a page that links to all the individual pages.

  2. Some golden nuggets here thanks 🙏🏻 Just think of all those pimple free people waking about now thanks to you! 🙂 stealing or embedding those light show videos haha.

    1. LOL Thank you for tuning in! Well… if ever you want to watch some light show videos…. 😉

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