The Bold And The Beautiful Hope Planning Liam Difficult Decision Best Seo Company

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  1. Liam did propose to Hope based on lies…. He proposed because he has feelings that he has harbored all this time.

  2. Slutty doesn’t care if liam truly loves her…. for her is just about getting what she wants …… Spoiled Slutty…Liam will never be Happy with Her…

  3. Children can have two parents that doesn’t mean that they have to be married nor live together Slutty and Liam are already divorced why put them back together again and even if you do they won’t stay married it’s a soap opera…Deep. Down in her heart she knows Liam has always loved Hope slutty has manipulated the situation thats the only reason he keeps coming back to her. And if Liam and Steffy were truly meant to be together they would not keep splitting up and their cause of split up has never been Hope’s interference. That should speak for itself…

    I know this is not real life and it’s a TV show meant for entertainment… Cuz if this was realistic no one could say that Liam( loves) Hope or Slutty cuz someone that’s In love Dose not sleep back and forth from person to person or cheat like slutty did with her father-in-law. The only one With reactions of Truly in love is Hope..

    1. just lurkin I’m not really here to debate love everybody may have their own opinion of what true love is… My opinion She was not truly in love with Wyatt when she married Wyatt did she stay marry with Wyatt because she was pregnant and obligated yes just like Liam is now with Steffy he feels obligated…

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