What is search engine and how does it works – SEO 2018 – Urdu and hindi 1

What is search engine and how does Search Engine works – SEO 2018 – Urdu and hindi

SEO 2018 Beginners to Advanced in Urdu & Hindi – Video 1


– What is Search Engine
search engine is an online program that search and show results correspond to keywords or charterers specifies by user.

– How Search Engine Works?
– Crawler Find the Webpages/document
– Indexer – search engine index the content/codes and add
them to their own database/records, and update basic.
– Search engine counts many things, and assign the webpage
in numbering, by using alogrithms. so what is the algorithm,
that thing we need to learn in this guide.

– Examples of Search Engines?
– Google
– Bing
– yahoo
– Aol

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